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Concrete Coating with Covercrete

Once upon a time, painting concrete seemed like a good idea, but as people soon learned, the paint didn’t stay on very long but just flaked and became patchy. Luckily a solution was found in the form of Polymer Laminate Resurfacing, also known as Covercrete.

Polymer modified cement overlays can be used to create non-slip decorative exterior concrete coverings for driveways, pathways, pool surrounds and patios etc. Choose from a wide selection of resurfacing coat colours that can be applied as basic blanket coats, or with additional flecks to give them lift, right through to hand taped custom patterns.

A driveway repair and coloured resurfacing project

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Covercrete Driveway Ideas

As well as decorative coloured coatings to existing concrete we can also create decorative concrete driveways with stencil paving and a range of surface textures that can be manually applied to wet concrete. Exposed Aggregate can certainly add a special touch to any driveway. 

Custom designs can be achieved by masking off sections of the driveway and mixing colours in patterns to achieve something truly unique

More about Covercrete

Covercrete is the perfect concrete sealant for existing concrete area that need renovating or just a new lease of life saving heaps of the cost of new concrete.

Covercrete or concrete resurfacing is a modern and cost effective option with a huge range of colours, textures and designs to choose from. We can give you suggestions and show you previous project examples to show you how well this product works.

Resurfacing is ideal for restoring tired, dated, and worn looking concrete areas such as driveways, paths, alfresco areas, and pool decks.

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