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Newly Poured Concrete Sealing

New Concrete surfaces should be sealed as soon as possible to protect and increase the life of the concrete. Using specialist sealing techniques as soon as concrete is poured will also aid with concrete curing, which in turn means it is far more structurally sound.
Specialised Concrete Industries use only the very latest water based technologies with UV stable sealing system ideal for the Australian climate, proven to be  superior to other products on the market.
Same day as pouring treatments are available using the latest water based products ensures no volatile organic compounds or harmful (and often smelly) solvent based chemicals are present.

Shieldcoat Coatings Gold Coast

Specialised Concrete Industries are proud to use and recommend the Sheildcoat concrete coating range. This QLD made product is proven for the Gold Coast climate and has a wide range of solutions for all your concrete coating and sealing requirements.

We have used this product on many surfacing jobs over the years and stand by it 100%! Contact us for more information on this product.

Commercial Car Park Sealing

A large concrete area with heavy traffic takes a lot of punishment, especially commercial and industrial car parks. We recommend sealing these large concrete areas as soon as the surface can be walked on. This is usually the same day of pour, or at the latest next day after saw cuts.

Our water based sealers are the latest super plasticisers developed in Australia for Australian conditions which is why we recommend them to all our Gold Coast customers. They assist in the concrete curing process as well as protecting the concrete from stains and strengthening the surface.

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